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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric at Chesterfield Woodlake Dental

To keep your child’s smile healthy, schedule a complete checkup every six months. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends taking your child to the dentist twice a year, beginning when their first baby tooth comes in. During your child’s next checkup, we will perform a full examination, cleaning, and take digital X-rays as necessary.

Fluoride Applications

Regular fluoride applications can strengthen your child’s enamel (the hard exterior of your child’s teeth) and prevent tooth decay. Depending on your child’s needs and preferences, we offer fluoride gel and varnish. Your child can receive fluoride treatment two to four times a year to keep their teeth strong.


If your child is suffering from a severe cavity or a damaged tooth, our dentists may recommend a dental crown. We make our dental crowns from durable and natural porcelain to fully the strength and function of your child’s tooth while keeping their smile looking bright.

Emergency Dentistry

If your child has experienced a dental emergency, accident, or injury, call Chesterfield Woodlake Dental & Prosthodontics right away. We offer same-day care and emergency appointments as scheduling allows to give your child the care they need as soon as possible.


Dental sealants can help protect your child’s teeth against cavity-causing bacteria. We apply a thin acrylic coating to the surfaces of your child’s teeth to seal our bacteria and food debris, preventing decay. Sealants can be easily and painlessly applied in just one appointment.


If your child has a dental cavity, we can repair their tooth with a composite filling. The tooth-colored filling contains no metal and can restore your child’s smile without compromising its quality.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are important pieces of athletic equipment for children who play contact sports or enjoy outdoor activities. A custom-made mouth guard from Chesterfield Woodlake Dental & Prosthodontics can protect your child’s teeth from sports-related accidents and injuries.