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Misconceptions About Dentures You Should Stop Believing

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Despite the practice of proper oral care at home and partnering it with routine dental appointments, it is still possible for a person to lose teeth. That is because several reasons can lead to tooth loss and not just the poor practice of oral care. For example, there are natural factors like age and also due to injuries or accidents. Fortunately, it is already possible for patients not to experience the adverse consequences of tooth loss. That is if they consider a particular dental restoration to serve as a solution.

At Chesterfield Woodlake Dental, we continue to offer our patients with traditional dentures that have been available for many years already. But, we also understand that not everyone finds this approach favorable due to the hassles it is associated with. The question now is, are these hassles actually true, or are they just caused by the misconceptions floating around? For everyone to distinguish the facts from myths, continue reading below!


Misconception #1: Patients can eat whatever they like

Dentures have a few restrictions when it comes to food, and the extent of what a patient can enjoy depends on their adjustability. After getting dentures, they are advised to consume soft foods, and only switch back to their regular diet if they are confident enough to do so. However, it is still best to avoid hard and sticky foods.

Misconception #2: A set of dentures can be used forever

Unfortunately, due to tooth loss, the jawbone will gradually resorb and cause the dentures to become ill-fitting. That is why it is advised for the patient to book regular visits for the dentist to monitor the fit of their appliance and perform the necessary repairs. If repairing the denture is no longer enough, getting a replacement is essential to avoid further discomfort and other problems.

Misconception #3: Is it necessary to see the dentist regularly even without problems

Yes. It is better not to wait for problems to arise before taking action; this thought should also apply to dentures. Wearing the same dentures for an extended period is more likely to cause gum irritations and even bone resorption.

Misconception #4: Wearing dentures can cause speaking problems

At first, it is common for denture-wearers to find it difficult to talk and feel comfortable while wearing the prosthesis. But by consistently using the appliance and by practicing, their regular speech will quickly return to normal.

Misconception #5: All dentures are the same

Over the years, dentures have continuously been improved to cater to the needs and preferences of patients. Nowadays, dentures are more durable and natural-looking than before. At our practice, aside from traditional dentures, we even offer our patients fixed dentures and denture stabilization service made possible with the help of dental implants for a more stable and secure restoration.

Since everyone now has a better understanding of dentures, stop delaying your restoration appointment! Book a consultation with us at Chesterfield Woodlake Dental to know which of our Affordable Denture offers in Chesterfield, MO is suited for your needs.

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